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A  stitch  in  time  saves  nine 

Bespoke trimming for interiors, hoods, and carpets for those cars where more readily available trim kits are not an option. 



We aim to complete our work to a timeframe agreed with the client. Most rebuilds can take from six to twelve months. Our specialists make certain to keep you posted throughout this time with regular updates and photographic progress.


Be confident you are making a wise choice with Heritage Classics. Our vehicle specialists assess the era of your car and create hand-made leather interiors for a smooth upholstery finish. We also craft new hoods and fabric trimmings from quality leather hide sources from Scotland.

It couldn’t be easier to enjoy seamless solutions to worn-out fabrics. Heritage Classics Of Teesside Ltd are based in Middlesbrough, Cleveland, and carry out flawless upholstery work for classic cars.

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